Cecily's 1st day for SCHOOL!!

(I promise she posed like this on her own)
Minnesota is great for Education, The state really emphasizes the importance of it. So much that they start kids in school at age one, Cecily started her first day of preschool today. It is an hour and a half once a week, I go with her for the first 20-30 min and then the 2nd hour I go with the other parents behind a one way mirror where we can watch our kids and also have an adult discussion on things ranging from health to child discipline. I am really excited about it for Cecily's benefit and my own.

CC has been so EXCITED about going to school, how could she not when lots of her friends get to and so does her Dad! She has been talking about wearing a backpack and eating lunch all week. She did really well when we got there, she and I played with play-dough and then sang songs. Then she got to sit down and have "Lunch" (a small snack) while I left with the other Mom's. I thought for sure she would be in hysterics the second I left (like she is with nursery and going to the gym) but she wasn't. I was happy and thought I was in the clear, about 10 min after I left I see her through the window bawling, I see the teacher console her and distract her then I dont see them anymore So I assume she is fine. Well when I pick her up after class the teacher told me she got so sad she caused herself to throw up in the toilet, once she saw it and the teacher explained it would happen again if she didnt stop crying she was fine. I guess the fear of throwing up was worse than the fear of me not coming back! ha. Poor little DRAMA QUEEN!!!

The teachers were really impressed with her speach and the fact that she is potty trained due to the fact that she is by far the youngest in the class!

So Im not sure if this is going to be a repeated event every tuesday when she goes to school or if it had a lot to do with the fact that she woke up at 4:15 am and was up for an hour, or that when I went to check on her this morning she was sleeping WILD like this.....


More Fair

The family on the bus ride home! CC loved the bus ride almost as much as the fair.

We went to the Miracle of Birth Exhibit where they had big flat screen TV's over the animals showing liver births that happened earlier that week. It was super interesting to watch and CC loved petting all the day old baby animals

Silly faces on a random day

The Great Minnesota Get Together AKA the State Fair

The Fair is a huge deal here to Minnesotan's and its actually a really good one! For one its HUGE and they have so many animals, Rides, tons of FOOD and a grandstand with many shows to chose from.

We had fun just walking around and exploring. We even tried a FRIED TWINKIE! Cecily had so much fun going on rides (all by herself) and seeing all the animals. We were able to meet up with our friends the Hale's and that made the time even more fun!

The little Farm Hand exhibit was My favorite, Cecily got to do all the real farm chores and then got paid at the end for her labor, she got to choose a box of cereal as her reward!!

Baking cookies with Mom

I've been trying to find the perfect butter cream frosting recipe so of course we have to make sugar cookies to go with!! Cecily had lots of fun mixing and rolling and cutting out shapes!
Dont mind my messy face from lunch
CC got some new cow girl boots that are 2 sizes to big but that does not stop her from wearing them anytime she can even with shorts~