More Fair

The family on the bus ride home! CC loved the bus ride almost as much as the fair.

We went to the Miracle of Birth Exhibit where they had big flat screen TV's over the animals showing liver births that happened earlier that week. It was super interesting to watch and CC loved petting all the day old baby animals

Silly faces on a random day


Melissa and Bryan said...

What a fun time! I love the fair! I'm sure Cecily loved seeing all the animals!

Chelsie said...

you guys are always doing so many fun things. i love it. cc is so smart and so stinkin cute

Jackman Clan said...

Aaron thinks Reagan looks like CC!

Richard & Analeis said...

Those aren't really pictures of CC are they? They're really pics of you that you posted to make us think they're your daughter, right? JK. She looks so much like you! How beautiful! I can't wait to come visit you guys in little less than a year!