Oliver's first week at home

1st walk/ Bus ride to the mall
Going out

1st bathtime
Bonding with Dad

1st Sponge Bath
He Loved getting his hair washed

Big sister loves her little brother
Gram Loves Oli too

Going Home from the hospital

CC, Gram, and Oliver at the hospital

1st Family Photo

Oliver has already been such a joy to have in our home. He is a really good baby so far, it took CC a good two weeks to really "wake up" after she was born and then she was a bit of a "hard" baby so Im not going to jinx myself yet. So far so good though. He is healthy and doing well, he had his 5 day dr apt yesterday and was back up to 5 lbs 10 oz! We are glad he is gaining weight and doing well! It is amazing the love we can feel for another person we just met. Cecily is doing really great with him, she just loves her little brother so much and does a wonderful job helping. She gets sidetracked and loses interest fairly quickly as well so that is nice for me when Im trying to take care of him. We are surviving on our little bit of sleep just loving life as a family of 4!!

We have a graduate

Mom and Cecily on her big day!!!
CC with some of the kids in her class and their teachers Ms. Nadi and Ms. Colleen

Walking up the podium singing the graduation tune Pomp and Circumstance,

getting ready to recieve her diploma

Recieving the Diploma

Some of her fav activities at school

Each week the sensory bucket would be filled with something different i.e. Rice, cuscous, dried beans, popcorn kernals, bird seed, water ect. she loved playing in the bucket each week after she did an art project.

Song time! We love this special time we have together at school.

Working on making her Graduation Hat

Tuesday was Cecily's last day of her Two Yr old preschool class, Our goals for the year were to work on her seperation skills, It took her until about after Christmas to be excited about going to school and to understand that "Mom always comes back" after class is over, She has had a few crying spurts the last few weeks but I think it had to do with knowing big change was coming her way with Oliver joining our family. All in all she will go to nursery, school, and the gym day care with out getting sad about me leaving her.

She learned so many great things at school including but not limited colors, shapes, letters, seasons, animals, how to wait in a line, how to use a smart board, how to wait her turn and to raise her hand. She made so many new friends and has really great social skills. We are proud of her for over coming her fears and doing well with out Mom!


Oliver Brooks Wagner

The Morning before he came

Time: 12:07 PM
Weight: 6 LBS
Height: 19 Inches

He has a fair amount of light hair, big lips like his momma and the cutest little nose! We are so happy to have another totally cute peanut in our family! We are all healthy and doing well and of course in LOVE!!

I had a C-section this morning and it went so great! The C-section I had with Cecily was an emergency so it was very traumatic and crazy, this one however was so calm and went so smoothly. It was such a relief because I was so nervous about it, I am so grateful for modern medicine that makes it possible for me and my babies to be safe and healthy.


Happy Mother's Day

We are very fortunate to have the 2 BEST Mom's ever!! We love you and miss you both!!


This ride+lots of Laughs=throw up

Showered with Love

I have some really great friends and a really sweet ward. My friends threw me a fabulous baby shower They did so much work for it and everyone had a great time! I am so lucky/blessed to have such great people in my life that care about me and are so generous!

Choo Choo

We have a little playgroung in our back yard that we play at a lot. The kids (and sometimes the Moms) love going down the slide in a train! Its really cute!

Mall of America RIDES

We took Cecily to the Mall of America to ride the rides for her last big outing with her parents before her little brother comes and takes part of the attention. She loved the riding the rides with Kreg! She loved the driving the cars the best and didnt even mind that it made her throw up on the way to the bathroom. kreg did however mind the throw up and was a bit put out by it. I was just happy to watch and kinda glad I didnt have to ride any rides. It was a fun day all about CC and we are so glad we could do it before our whole world gets rocked in less than a week.

And a 38 week picture!