Oliver's first week at home

1st walk/ Bus ride to the mall
Going out

1st bathtime
Bonding with Dad

1st Sponge Bath
He Loved getting his hair washed

Big sister loves her little brother
Gram Loves Oli too

Going Home from the hospital

CC, Gram, and Oliver at the hospital

1st Family Photo

Oliver has already been such a joy to have in our home. He is a really good baby so far, it took CC a good two weeks to really "wake up" after she was born and then she was a bit of a "hard" baby so Im not going to jinx myself yet. So far so good though. He is healthy and doing well, he had his 5 day dr apt yesterday and was back up to 5 lbs 10 oz! We are glad he is gaining weight and doing well! It is amazing the love we can feel for another person we just met. Cecily is doing really great with him, she just loves her little brother so much and does a wonderful job helping. She gets sidetracked and loses interest fairly quickly as well so that is nice for me when Im trying to take care of him. We are surviving on our little bit of sleep just loving life as a family of 4!!


The Robinson's said...

He is so alert. He looks like a baby doll, what a handsome little guy!

He already had a busy first week of life. Welcome to the real world, Oliver. ha ha

Take care!

Kiera said...

Anna he is so cute! I'm so happy for you and your amazing little family!

Brittani said...

he is such a little peanut! wow! I love him so much already!

Prank Beej said...

can't wait to meet him; he looks perfect. and the cesser is getting way too big

Mark said...

he looks perfect; can't wait to meet him. the cesser is getting way too big also

Katy, Bill and Easton said...

He is such a cute little peanut! I can't believe his blonde hair! Love it!

laurareid said...

i miss you all already..... mom/gram xo