Christmas eve and Christmas

 For Christmas Eve dinner we met up with My family at Tucanos in SLC. It was such a fun, yummy dinner! Love being able to spend so much time with family!

 Cecily loves helping out with babies, she loves helping Aunt Carly take care of Bentley, she always asks to feed him when the opportunity arises, and she's really good at it!
 Once we got home safe and sound (there was a big snow storm that day/night) We played the German game find the Pickle. We changed the game and said whoever found the pickle got to open the first gift. Cecily found it but then let Oli open his gift first. She's such a sweet girl!
 Oli was so excited about his new buzz PJs. He gave me a big hug but really Kreg bought them!
 Cecily was shocked and beyond excited about her Nighty and Robe set the Gram made her and she loved her pink fuzzy, bejeweled slippers!

 After the kids got their PJs on Kreg read the Story of Jesus' birth to the kids while they pretended to be Joseph and Mary with CC's doll as baby Jesus

We then put out Milk and Cookies for Santa and Carrots for the Reindeer. We told the kids they needed to get to bed so Santa could come bring them toys. Oliver said he didn't want any toys, just a candy cane. Seriously this kid is obsessed with treats!

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