Its A birthday!!!

Today My sweet baby is no longer a baby! She is officially 2!! As I sit hear and think about the two years she has been in my life I cant help but feel so overwhelmed with gratitude from my Heavenly Father for giving me such a beautiful girl! She and I are such great friends and I love being able to spend my days with her! She truly is a blessing and I feel so honored that Heavenly Father trusted me with her sweet spirit. I just hope I am living up to my title as Mom and teaching her to be the best she can be. The C girl holding Aunt Kimi's Purse at the Zoo

A few things she is doing...
~Counting to 10 With help on #5
~Singing her ABC's, Recognizing and knowing the sounds to 75% of the alphabet letters
~Singing lots of songs on her own including: Twinkle Twinkle little start, The Barney theme song, 3 Little Fish, Monkeys in a tree, Oh little Playmate, Popcorn popping, Happy Birthday, Jesus Wants me for a sunbeam
~ She is almost a pro at potty training
~She sleeps in a big girl bed with zero getting up in the night
~Talks our ears off all day
~Loves to go shopping and will look through racks of clothes saying "ah cute"
~ Can get dressed on her own

Just now I CC was across the room and I said Come here I need a big hug and a big kiss, She stays where she is holds out her hands like she's going to give me a hug and says " I can't Reach" She definitely has her own wild and fun personality!



Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

happy birthday CC! how fun. 2 is such a crazy age

The Parkers said...

holy cow she is 2!! That is so crazy! happy birthday!!

Larry & Erica Evans said...

awe....she's is getting so big! She's super smart too, oh my. Have a great journey to #3.