Navoo part 1

Remember how My parents took CC and I to Navoo and other church history sites clear back in June. and Remember how I havent even blogged about it yet. Well I have been so overwhelmed with choosing pictures since there are so many that I decided to just take it one post at a time and see how far I get. Anyway the trip was SO FUN! it was great because of WHO we were with and ofcourse WHERE we went! I loved having my parents all to myself (you can tell Im the youngest child right) and as for where we went here are the spots in no order:
Carthage Jail
Winter Quarters
Council Bluff
We also went to a fun hotel in Nebraska where Arbor day was started
we had such a great time and it was so neat to see where the pioneers were, it made it really real for me and helped strengthen my testiomony a lot. We were able to see where some of our ancestors lived in Navoo and one of the homes is still there and being lived in which was so cool! I loved the Navoo temple so much it is such a pretty temple and the feeling there was so different than any other I have been in. Adam-ondi-ahman was my favorite, its basically just a big piece of land but so neat to think that it is the place where it all started with Adam and Eve. I loved being there and just imagining what it must have been like.

THANK YOU again Mom and Dad for such a memorable TRIP!

More pics to come eventually

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