Wagner family reunion ~Idaho

We had so much fun in Rexburg staying with Kim and Craig, and then going up to Island Park for the Wagner family reunion! We enjoyed spending time with everyone, going to yellow stone, family dinners and games.

CC and daddy at Old Fiathful
Kreg took quite a few great pics of old faithful and bison, I had to break his heart and delete most of them off my camera. Sorry Kreg, Im just partial to photos with people in them not shooting water and big gross animals!Miss Paige Wagner

Cecily and Ainsley had so much fun playing together The one's who started it all: Grandma and Grandpa Wagner

Cecily, Aunt Suzanne, and Lindsay

Uncle Mike and CC enjoying some stories

CC couldnt resist doing Mallory's hair

Paul Brooks Wagner and Oliver Brooks Wagner enjoying some bonding time

Mark and Cecily gaming

Great Grandma Wagner singing songs with CC and Ainsley~ This was my favorite moment of the whole reunion!

Sister time

Father and Son

Mesa falls

Heather, susan and I enjoyed talking about our new babies together!

The Original Wagner Clan

The Paul Wagner Family

The back of the reunion "T" all the names of the Wagner family

I dont think I can ever say it enough, I am so BLESSED to be apart of the Wagner family. I am so lucky to have so much in common with everyone and I enjoy being with all of them so much! These people are the most kind, loving, happy people I have ever met! I am lucky to have you all as examples in my life.


Devyn Pickett said...

yay! we are so glad you are a WAgner!!!!!! love you!! hope oli and cc are cuter than ever

Cathy said...

Hey--I feel the same way--I LOVE the Wagner family and what an adorable shot of that cute Uncle Mike and my BFF, I miss her. And you and your sweet husband and son. Take care...goodness where does the time go--is Kreg really in his last year??? XOXO Enjoy!! Erin survived the BAR and actually feels happy -- giddy--Im not sure of the right word, but anyway she walks around the house with this goofy smile on!!!

Tara Mortensen said...

You were in rexburg and you didnt come visit!!! So sad!! I guess I have to wait my turn....haha