Best pals

I always knew Oli would LOVE his big sister but, I didnt realize how soon these two would bond. Cecily loves her little guy so much and he adores her. SHe is so good with/to him. SHe loves helping care for him and playing with him. THe other morning I was getting ready, the kids were in the front room, it was super quiet so I yelled to CC and asked her to come her (thinking she was doing something naughty) she said I cant Im sitting by Oli so he doesnt get sad!

Oliver had his first swimming experience today. He LOVED the water, despite the look on his face. I was so suprised because he loathes bathtime. He stayed in the pool for a good 20 min just content as can be. YAY for water babies!

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AJ and Cindy said...

how sweet that they are best buds, what fun pictures! I love your swimming suit by the way!