Avila Beach

We took a fun trip down to the pismo area to Avila beach! We had never been there before but had heard so many great things about it. Plus my college roommate Megan lives in the area so what better excuse to go and see her too! She is the one that introduced me to Kreg so she has a special place in our hearts. Just yesterday I was reading some of Kreg's letters from his mission and in 3 different letters Meg and talked about me to Kreg saying you should meet my Roommate Anna she is so fun, or you would love Anna, ect. So I guess Meg knew it was meant to be before we did ;) Anyway back to the beach.

 My little man and me at my favorite place in the world (any beach really)
 Just as I thought this little guy loved the beach and immediately ran full blast into the ocean! He was laughing the whole run in.
 My beach babe!

 Our view from our suite
 We didnt take any buckets or shovels but that didnt stop CC, she just made friends with anyone that had sand toys and she was set!

 Swinging on the beach
This was right before a big wave came and knocked C down on her bum and then the undertoe got her and forced her into a back roll in the sand. She came up a little worked. I made light of it quickly and she agreed it was funny too, so ofcourse she had to tell everyone the wave made her do a back flip in the sand.

We really loved Avila, it was super family friendly and the Lighthouse was the perfect place to stay. We even got to see a baby whale from the pier that was injured and living near the pier while it heals. So cool! The weather is so perfect and the beach is clean. I cant wait to go back!


Laura said...

wow! makes me miss the beach more than i always do...

Megan Stevenson said...

So fun to see you guys! Come back soon.