Random fun

 We met up with some friends at the park to play in the fountains.

 Grandpa set up the tent so we had a girls campout in the backyard.
 Whats more fun than cousins? Oli and Eli are 4 months apart but nearly the same size. Eli (the younger of the two) is slightly bigger. They had so much fun playing together! The are great friends, I have never seen babies play and interact so much together rather than just side by side play. They would talk and laugh with eachother, share and steal toys, follow each other around everywhere and just play. It was so so cute to watch the little soul brothers in action! I have a feeling we will have many years to come of these boys playing and causing trouble together;)

Kreg's uncle Victor and his family came for a pool party/BBQ before the headed out on a grand adventure moving to Germany. Cecily and Amy had fun playing together and doing hair.

 I wonder what they were talking about, Eli had his own language and Oli seemed to understand.
 Aunt Kimi taught CC her first real swim lessons, she is a pro. she swims the length of the pool and can do standing dives, she even dove for rings in the 6 and 1/2' deep water. I have little fish on my hands, Oliver will even "swim" back and forth between people and from the steps to you. He loves to go all the way under the water and kick his lages, he even moves his arms to swim. I think he just see's Cecily do it and wants to do it too. He has No fear that little man.
 We kept telling her to do a crazy jump and she just kept doing pencil jumps into the tube.
Best buds!


Cathy said...

I wish we lived a tad bit closer--it looks like you have been having so much fun!!I love the pictures!

laurareid said...

looks like so much fun!! xo