County Fair

 We went to the county fair! Where else can you play in a box full of tried corn,
 Ride a tractor,
 and a horse,
 Pet live farm animals,
 Watch baby chicks,
 Get sweaty hot in the petting zoo, (Oli gave some goats some open mouthed kisses YUCK)
 Get a rejuvinating foot shake
 Make new friends and ride rides,

 Do obsticale courses ( the friend CC made on this obstical told her she sounded just like britney from the chickmunks, she even yelled to her parents from the top to tell them that CC was britney! We love our little chickmunk cc)
have yummy shaved ice, and be with your family! The county fair of course!!

1 comment:

MarkandFred said...

looks fun! and hot! olli would've loved fred. I'm sure he'd give him open mouth kisses too!