Soul Brothers

 I'm positive these two had a special bond even before they came to earth. They just love eachother so much and really stick together!

 Oh Eli you look a little tense.
 They follow eachother and play together, they are so smart too. Eli is hilarious, he is so solid and STRONG! Kim was probably so sick of me saying it but I could not get over that kids strength!
 Oli loved giving Eli loves, lucky for E he got lots of open mouthed kisses from Oli
I sure do miss kissing those soft, chubby cheeks! Can't wait for you to come visit me in MN little E!!

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tiana said...

You have such cute kids! I love looking at all your fun pictures. I miss you so much! I'm glad I can see what life is like for you. You are such a fun mom.