Cecily is 4!

 CC sporting her new helmet with her new bike!
 She rolled out of bed literally and opened her first gift from Oliver. She just kept saying "Oh my goodness" over and over.
 I knew she would be more than excited to have a real dress up wedding dress. (anytime you talk to her about her bride dress ups she would always mention she only had a wedding skirt and not a dress)

The big 4 yr old waiting for her Pool Party to start.
 She wanted a princess party but because we were just swimming she ended up getting a modge podge of decorations. She thought it would be best to have blue hats and blue cupcakes for the boys.
 Here is the cake I made. I had so many fun ideas in my head for her "princess party" but since we had one day to plan/execute the party we ended up just doing a totally low key swim party. I did do part of the cake I was wanting to do so I was satisfied.

 After eating Cecily's favorite pizza, cake and ice cream the kids did trains down the slide.
All the friends that came! We had fun celebrating our CC's birthday with all of her friends! Even though it was a little cold (who would have thought it was going to be cold in August. Oh wait we do live in MN) Cecily had a fun party and got spoiled with gifts! We are so blessed to have so many great friends that care about us. They truly are family to us!


laurareid said...

that cake is gorgeous, the only thing more gorgeous is the b-day girl! looks like a great day... xo

Mallory said...

Cute girl! Happy birthday Cecily!

Heather said...

happy (late) birthday Cecily!

The Robinson's said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Cecily!!
4 years old!! Love the wedding dress, you look beautiful!

Great work on the cake Anna! The party looks like it was a lot of fun!!

Looks like you guys have been busy with summer almost to an end.

Take care.