15 Months

At 15 months Oliver Brooks is:
~21 LBS 7% and 30.5" 28%
~Wearing size 3 diapers, size 4 shoes, and 12 month clothes
~Has two bottom teeth and his two front teeth, and has two more teeth poking through on top
~Saying: Ball, Baby (dede), bird, Mom, Dad, Oli, Car, Drink, Bink, More, Thanks, Shoe (oosh), Uh-oh, Hi, Again, Sit, Moo for Cow, woof woof for Dog, Horse sounds and bird sounds, mimicks cars and planes.
~He is still my sweet, calm boy always giving loves. He is so easy going and will just do whatever whenever.
~Loves balls of any kind and sports. He is obsessed with throwing things. Had a blast feeding the ducks because it was unlimited bread throwing.
~Loves CC and all kids, he is really good at sharing and being sweet to others
~Is a bottomless pit, he will eat ANYTHING but will always eat fruits and veggies first before other food.
~Still takes a pacifier but mostly just for bed, he has learned to throw it in his crib after we get him out.
~Loves to be outside and loves to climb at the park or walk up and down stairs.
~He is a super fast runner and just loves to take off, he is a huge tease and loves to play games like that.

I just cant get enough of Oliver he and I have such a special bond and feel like I never have enough time or loves from Oli. Both my kids I am obsessed and feel so blessed and happy with my family!

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Grammi Joy said...

Handsome little boy; you're so lucky to get all the 'loves' you can from him. Grammi Joy xo