Aunt Paige Came

 Auntie Paige came and we had a lot of fun! We went to the lake to swim and build sand castles and ride in the paddle boats it was great! Oli wasnt to fond of the life jacket and CC kept worrying about if we couldnt make it back to the beach and we would have to swim back or that our towels and toys would get stolen that we left at the beach. Silly worry wart gets it from her mama. All in all it was fun to ride around the lake and look at the pretty homes!
CC is obsessed with Paige and follows her everywhere. Paige was great and played lots of games and toys with C girl! Two peas in a pod. It gave me a little time for myself which is always nice. Thanks paige for helping with the kids, cleaning, and making dinner and for the pictures (I was the worst and kept forgetting my camera) you were a joy to have!

 We went and saw the Cherry with the Spoon as CC calls it at the sculpture garden. Paige took us out to dinner a few times. Paige, Aunt Kim and I went to see The Help! Paige and I got Pedicures, Hit up the salvation army and went to lunch at the Spaghetti Factory. Yum!

 Paddle boat goodness!

We went on 2 for 1 walks and a run, we went to Lake Calhoun and walked around, toured down town, went to the Mall of America, watched scary movie and all in all had lots of fun with Paiger! Love you lady have a fun Sophmore year at BYU!

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Quists said...

Cute pictures and fun memories- glad you had a good time all together!