Halloween cupcake party

Cecily had a little cupcake decorating party with a few of her Girl friends. She waited paitently at the table for a good 30 min before her guests arrived.

 Many of the cupcakes were eaten before the frosting even hit them.
 I gave each girl three little cups with different colored sprinkles in each cup, the Moms helped the girls pipe the icing on the cakes and cookies. It was a fun way to celebrate Halloween.
It is so much more fun celebrating holidays when you have little kids! I think we will have gone to 5 different halloween events/parties before the actual day even gets here! Pic to come of my captain hook and peter pan. Betcha can't guess who is going to be who!


laurareid said...

cutest grandkids ever!

Kiera said...

This is such a cute idea! I love it. And I love the picture at the end of the post! You're right...holidays are more fun with kids!

Quists said...

How fun! You're so good to always come up with things for your children to do - - - such a good mommy. Good thing Mr. Haze wasn't there - - - he would have had no interest in decorating at all and would have gone around eating the frosting off the tops everyone's cupcakes. Ha ha!