ER trip #2

This time it was Oli that brought us to the ER. He got a hold of one of CC's gems from her play jewelry and swallowed it. When we took left for the hospital he was in pain and crying and by the time we got back into the room he was happy and laughing (the gem must have decended into his belly). After lots of waiting Oli finally had 2 X rays. Ofcourse the gem was plastic so it wouldn't show up on the x ray anyway. So we went home with instructions to "watch" Oli's poop until it came out.

He was so tired while waiting, all he wanted was a little swaddle and a binky. That made him happy until the DR. unwrapped him and woke him up to do the X rays.  


Brittani said...

let us know when it comes out!!!

Quists said...

Oh my goodness! Anna - you and I have different ideas of "what's new news". You said NOTHING was new! That's crazy. Poor lil' one.... no fun. Has it passed yet - when did this happen? Never a dull moment huh.