Lets Do Work!

Work is on my mind a lot lately, with Kreg finishing Law school in 2 short months we are constantly talking about where he is going to work and where to look for jobs. (if anyone has any networks to attorneys send some info our way ;)) I am always thinking about how I can work harder at being a better Wife, Mom, friend, Latter Day Saint, ect. I grew up learning how important it is to work hard and to do your job to the best of your ability. I think in our society we are losing that great work ethic that our forebearers had, we have an "I want it right now" mentality and we feel entitled to everything. I think because so many things are easy to obtain and so readily available to us we are becoming more and more lazy. So how do you teach our children how to be hard workers and teach them to EARN things they want rather than feel they deserve it? I think so far I have my kids on the right track, Cecily began helping around the house from the moment she could walk, she LOVES helping me do chores and having her own "Jobs" to do. It is so nice for me because she really can take care of herself on so many levels, and like I have said before she helps with Oli so much too. She really loves the sense of responsibility and of being "in charge". Of course she is still only 3 and is a kid 99.9% of the time! I found this website that gives Age appropriate chores, it really is spot on for teaching kids how to work. So far this is fairly easy.

(Being fancy always makes chores more fun)

 I am nervous for when my kids are a little older and they start to catch on to that lazy, entitled mentality of our society.

What  do you do to teach your kids about hard work?


Jackman Clan said...

I think mom and dad did a pretty good job. None of us are in consumer debt and we have always been responsible with our money. I think teaching delayed gratification and patience is a big deal even before the kids are old enough to earn $ themselves. Making them wait for the toy they want till a birthday etc. We tell Ashton not to ask us to do things for him that he can do himself - and then make him do it. All of my kids are great at helping around the house in the ways that chart said - when mom gets in the mood to clean :)! We tell them that they are part of the family and they live here so they have to do their part. Sounds like you're doing a good job with that too. Jackmans have a motto that they work hard and play hard too - so even in play our kids are learning how to stick to it.

laurareid said...

work before play.. that's a motto to live by

Quists said...

Thanks for the inspiring post! We are doing the same kinds of things with Hazen. He is visual and appreciates his chart where he gets to put a sticker on each thing he accomplishes. I want to change it and make a board or something with the chore on it (daily) and then they flip over the hanging tag and on the other side is a smiley face or something. That way, the "chart" is long-lasting and cost efficient. Great job with lil' Miss!