ER trip #3

Yes you read that right our 3rd trip to the ER and our second one in a week and a half. Cecily got in a fight with a flashlight or was it the shoe she tripped over that caused her to land on the flashlight? I don't know whose fault it was, but I do know that after an hour and a half wait at Children's hospital, us leaving with a plethura of awefull illnesses I'm sure, that have yet to show their damage on us and a car ride across town to a different ER with a shorter wait we finally got a room. Within a matter of minuets I was being reemed into by the ER DR. for giving my 3 yr Ice cream on the way over from the other hospital "i'm sorry DR, the incedent happened right as we were sitting down to eat dinner. Its 9 pm and she has not eaten anything since lunch. I'm sorry I was trying to help my daughter feel better by bribing her to come to the hospital with a half cup of ice cream. I now have learned my lesson." He was upset because she ate and now he couldn't sedate her. I had to explain to him on her last ER visit (remember the Spinal Tap visit) they tried sedating her for close to an hour and it didnt work leading her to have the spinal tap wide awake! ANYWAY after he was done lecturing about the Ice cream he decided she would need stiches in her lip and would have to just numb it via shot. So thats what he did. They put her in the papoos so she wouldnt move and he gave her a few shots of numbing medicine right into her split lip. She cried, but did well. She didnt move at all just like I knew she wouldnt. She totally did not need to be sedated. She was a champ while he put in the stiches 4 to be exact. 3 on the outside of her lip and 1 on the inside.

I asked her if she was 4 yrs old now because she was so brave, she said no I'm 3 and 1/2 I agreed and then realized that it was indeed her half birthday. When I told her that she got real sad and dissapointed "its my birthday?" followed by a huge sigh kinda like what a great birthday. ha ha poor little girl.

 Poor girl looks and feels bad. She wont move her mouth or the rest of her body for that matter. ha ha I keep trying to tell her that moving her legs wont hurt her mouth. Now for that wiggly top tooth, we went to the dentist today and she took an xray. She said the root looks blunt/or short and that can mean both that its normal and it can also be a bad thing. She instructed us to watch for the next little while for an abscess, that will mean the root is dead and she will have to have the tooth pulled. Good thing its just a baby tooth. For now Cecily is living up the soft foods life and enjoying her free reign on Oli's baby food.
At least the dentist chair is PINK!!

Who thinks its time for my kids to be in a bubble?


laurareid said...

cc, you had a pink dentist chair? you lucky. i wish my dentist had a pink chair! hope you're better really quick. love you, xoxo

Heather said...

OH MY GOODNESS! poor you and poor kids! :(

ok, so the pink dentist chair is awesome!

i hope things settle down soon for you guys!

Brittani said...

poor girl! kiss her cheek for me!

Shari said...

Did you cry when they put the shot in her split lip? I would have cried. I hate seeing my kids in pain. :( What a trooper she is and that doctor should be slapped for yelling at you about the ice cream. How many parents would even know you can't eat anything before you a sedated or that C. would have had to be sedated in the first place?
Pink chair!!! I don't even like pink and I love that pink chair. lol