As of Late

We have been really enjoying the WARM weather in MN! So happy to go outside again! We all frequent the park daily and usually at least twice if not more. The joys of being across the street. I have been loving my Sewing Machine even more and have made quite a few little projects. Here are some. I mostly post these for my Mom to see so sorry if they are boring to you!This is a grocery bag holder, covered the mouse pad, cute little birdies and frame for CC's new big girl room that is in the process, a bunch of new flower clips and headbands that did not cost me $20 like they sell in the stores. It probably cost me more like 20 cents to make!

Cecily really loves going on our deck, she likes when I fill up a bunch of different sized bowls and pitchers with water so she can play with them(which she will for hours) she also had her first fudgesicle the other day which of course she loved and was happy it ended in a bath. and apparently she can't let go of winter! I took that hat and all other winter gear and hid it! I refuse to see any of it until after summer!

She was in my closet the other day trying on shoes when she came out as a cowgirl! CC and her parents loving her dress from Aunt Kimi's wedding again!


Rich, Brittani, and Nugs said...

sooo cute

Melissa and Bryan said...

I love that last picture! How adorable! All your projects have turned out so great! Good job! I love having a sewing machine! It's so nice. Now if I just had a sewing room, that would be even better!

andrea.roche said...

You have to tell me how u made those bird for CC's room. I LOVE THEM.

PS she is so big now!

Jackman Clan said...

Ashton says "that looks beautiful!"