Remember the Bunnies...

I mentioned to my Mom that we had yet to see any baby bunnies, well we definitely found some! about 15, living right outside our front door in our planter box~ CC and I went out to go to the park and the momma bunny was there feeding her babies. She got startled by us and took off the babies all sat there quivering and nervous not knowing what to do. CC and I went back in the house and watched through the window. they lined up two by two then one by one they went back into their hole it was SO COOL to watch. I felt like it was national geographic on my front door!

They are really tiny just about 3 inches long. I love there ears! so cute!

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Cathy said...

Isn't nature sweet. We watch our baby foxes (3 babies and a mommy)
that live under our gazebo and they love to play and roll around on our hot tub cover and then I watch a mommy deer give birth to two babies last week while I was in the shower!! Hi to all of your bunnies and to CECE!! I bet she loves little fuzzy things!!!