Is it time?

To potty train? this girl has shown interest in potty training since she was about 16 months but Im to nervous/LAZY? to do it! She tells me when she needs to go some times and when I put her on the potty she usually will. Her new favorite is to NEED to go right after she gets in the tub. I have to wash her right away because she will ask to go potty and then sit there forever. I think she likes being naked and having the towel on but she does usually go potty!


Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

sooo fun! ryann likes to pee in the bathtub- she thinks it is funny. she is potty trained though- so that is nice. i say go for it if you have the time!

Katy said...

Good for you! Bella loves sitting on the potty with a towel but she NEVER goes.