Water time

We've had some really warm days and have taken advantage of them! CC loves playing on the deck with water. Its so easy to just fill up some different bowls and send her out there she will play until all the water is spilled and then I can just fill it back up! we have a splash pad/spray park up the street from our house(you will be seeing lots of pics from this place throughout the summer). Its fun and FREE! We went on memorial day and even though the water was freezing and the weather wasn't that warm Cecily had a BLAST!! This girl loves water of any kind! She does come from a family of swimmers so Im not surprised. We also went to a BBQ at a friends on memorial day it was really great especially for me, so nice to have company so Im not talking to an almost 2 yr old all the time! Last week we went to Como Zoo with friends, its a small zoo but really great it has rides and its FREE so its perfect for us. Plus CC didnt get bored. It was just the right size.
SHe looks so big sitting next her friends Abby and Landon!

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THE FISHERS! said...

reminds me of sunny california...bathing suits, water, family...dang itttt