December so far

Cecily convinced me to decorate for Christmas even though we are leaving in a week and wont be here for the big day. It was fun to do together and has been nice to have our home decorated a little to get us in the Christmas mood!

 We went swimming and to dinner with some friends. We have been keeping busy doing fun things late into the evening now that Kreg works late each night. It makes our days more fun and managable when we are out and about doing fun activities!
             CC and I made Flubber during Oli's nap. She had fun playing with it for a good hour.
 Playing puppy at the museum

 We went to the Children's museum with friends and Cecily had so much fun painting hers and Oli's faces.
                                                 Fullfilling the dream of being a bus driver.
                                   My kids both gained the shopping gene from me!
               CC fulfilling her life long dream of being a checker. What can I say my kids aim high.
                                   I caught these to being loving. They do so well together. Cecily especially is so great with Oli. She is so sweet and loving towards him. She is always taking care of him and looking out for him. She really puts him first before herself. At the gym when he is sad she will forego playing with friends to be with him so he will be comforted. She is such a sweet girl and a fabulous 2nd mama! Now if she could only have her wish of a baby sister!

CC took out the lenses out of these sunglasses. She said she could finally see after all these years of being blind! ha ha silly girl. I'm sure glad cheapo glasses without lenses cured her blindness!

We are keeping busy with School for the kids 3 days a week, I am working at the gym 2 days a week and we fill the rest of our time with playing, going to the gym to workout, and getting ready for our upcoming trip to CA for the Holiday!!