Best Helper.

Cecily does so much to help me all day long I often feel guilty asking her for the hundredth time to get a diaper for me or Oliver's binky. She doesnt mind at all, she really loves it at this point, so much that whenever I am cleaning she offers to help. She loves getting anti bacterial wipes and going around the house cleaning. She loves to fold laundry and put hers and Oli's clothes away, cleaning the windows and mirrors and "vacuuming" She will get her little plastic golf bag and pretend it is a vacuum, and getting the swiffer and dusting the furniture. I'm glad I started her doing chores as soon as she could walk so now when I do need her help and even more when she is older she is already used to having that responsibility. She is such a great girl!

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Susan said...

Love reading your blog! Everything is fun at Cecily's age--how wise you are to start her early to help out and do chores. One of the best things a parent can do is teach their children how to work and enjoy the work they are doing!!