3 Weeks already

Us three at Kreg's school
Tummy Time

Trying to keep him awake, nothing fazes him. He slept through a bath before.

Sunday afternoon relaxing

Seriously time is going by too fast! I really want to cherish this newborn stage which is hard when it is going by so quickly!! We just love our little man and Cecily is the best big sister to him! She loves him so much and is so quick to help him when he fusses and even when he is asleep. She has done fairly well with the transition, she has a bit of a hard time listening but Im also finding I have a hard time practicing patience so its comes down to both of us being the issue. all in all we are enjoying the chaos and this fun time with our two cute kids!


Brittani said...

he is just perfect in every way!

Jackman Clan said...

Cutie patooties!

The Walkers said...

How fun, your little family is so stinking cute! Cecily looks like she would be a great big sister!!

Laura said...

i'm so happy you put up so many new pics.... love them! love cc's cheesy smile, boy is she getting big to do that. oli is so sweet. looks so different than cc. still has his tan,love it! mom/gram xo