5 Weeks

Seriously cant believe this little guy is 5 Weeks. He is becoming more like his sister and turning into a high maintenance baby. We just aren't sure if we get these babies that are hard or if its our fault and we don't know what we are doing.

He is so unpredictable with his sleeping both day and night. I am trying to put him on a schedule the best I can but so far it isnt going very well. He doesnt seem to like his bed during the day so we rotate trying the swing, car seat, backpack, my bed to find out where he would like to sleep. We eventually figure something out or he'll just stay up for hours. Cecily has never been a good day time sleeper and gave up on naps a long time ago so Im really hoping Oliver wont be the same way. When he is awake he isnt very content, its like he doesnt know what he needs so he'll just be fussy and need to be held/rocked/bounced, this is when the backpack comes in real handy, He really likes feeling close to you and tight so he is swaddled most of the time.
Oliver developed some acne this week, but its already starting to get better, thank goodness we want him looking pretty to meet all his family when we go to UT/ID/WA/CA in a couple of weeks.

He Loves Kreg and Often times Kreg is the only one that can calm him down

Cecily is so good with him, she is always singing to him or talking to him trying to keep him happy. When I am holding him and he is sad she will tell me that Oli wants Dad or Oli really likes Dad. She gets so concerned when he cries.

He is getting big so fast, I had to put away all the Newborn sleepers away this week and bring out the 0-3 month he is just to long for the others. He wears some NB and some 0-3 month onsies, he has a really long torso and super short legs so he is still in NB pants. Looks like I have another one built like the Wagner's.

Cecily is so nice to share her baby with him!
We just love our little guy and feel so blessed to have him in our home. I know this part of the Newborn stage can be hard but even still I am loving every minute of him being little because I know how fast it will be over and he will be up and running and making us laugh at the funny things he'll say!


Brittani said...

it is really really hard to put a baby on a schedule! I usually don't recommend it until 3 or 4 months! Try keeping him close to you in a moby wrap or a sling- just let him sleep there for the first few months and then later try other sleeping spots. you can also try letting him fall asleep on his tummy and then turning him over later. Sometimes they sleep better that way

Kirsten said...

Jonas didn't sleep at all when he was that age, but I always kept trying, around 6-9 months, I started putting him in his crib everyday for a half hour to an hour and he would scream the whole time. It was awful, but I needed the break and he needed to learn that it was nap time. I have seriously been pretty good about doing that and at about 13-14 months he started taking naps really well. He would take naps occasionally from 9months to about 13 months, but they always started out as a scream fest for the first 15-30 minutes. Now when I lay him down for naps he quietly plays for a little bit then falls asleep most of the time. It is so nice. I know that a million people are probably giving you advice, and you are probably sick of it, and as you've said you've been through this before with CC...I feel for you! It's so frustrating. Don't think it's you at all!!!!!!!!!! It's not. All babies are different. Oliver may be a little different than CC was. You are a great mama though! Keep up the hard work! Wish we could meet up! Want to make a trip to Vegas?

Jared and Cassie said...

He sounds a lot like Emmett, but Emmett isn't fond of his bed day OR night. lol. We only really get good rest if I must his little sleeping wedge between Jared and I, so I kind of gave up fighting him on it! I hope that eventually as he gets older he will sleep in his bassinett/crib fine. He also constantly wants to be close to me and usually jiggled/rocked/danced. I too have wondered if it's something I've done wrong to train him this way, or if it's just his personality. I really think it's just him though. He's a very opinionated little guy! Oliver looks adorable! You are a great mom :-)

Heather said...

oh my gosh, he sounds JUST like Jenna! she's the same way-either sleeping for hours on end or up for hours on end and VERY unpredictable. and she's usually quite fussy when she's awake too. its really annoying. james has always been a good sleeper so its quite an adjustment for us. can't wait to chat about it all at the reunion! :-)