Oliver Turned ONE!!!

I Cannot believe my handsom little man is ONE year old! We had a little celebration with Grandma and Grandpa! Dont let the pictures fool you, he really wasnt fond of the cupcake, he put it in his mouth then spit it our and threw it over the side of his high chair.

 So serious opening a few presents from grandmas and grandpas and friends.
 We are going to have a big party with our friends this weekend so more pictures to come!
 Just to look back a year ago, Oliver and his Mom and Dad just a half hour old
 Momma and Oli, LOVE at first sight!!
 He is just as sweet and handsome as he was the day he was born
We love you so much little man and are so happy and blessed to have you in our family. This has been our most fun and happy year with you in our lives!! Happy Birthday big boy!


laurareid said...

hard to believe... a whole year old!

The Robinson's said...

Wow already a year old!!

Happy 1st Birthday big guy!!

He's seriously handsome in those pictures.

Have fun at the party!!

Cherisse said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday!

Heather said...

seriously, oli and jenna could be twins! she is not a fan of cupcakes/cake either. i've tried frosted sugar cookies, cupcakes, cake and she won't eat any of them! maybe its the frosting. i've decided on an ice cream cone for her birthday. we'll see how that goes with a candle in it... :) anyway, happy birthday oli! what'd you end up getting him???