Oliver at One year

~Whole Milk in a sippy cup, the transition from bottle to purely sippy went like this, "Here is your whole milk instead of formula in a sippy instead of a bottle." "Thanks Mama". I was really worried about it being hard to get rid of the bottle but really it was nothing. He didnt even notice. Probably because he has used a sippy since he was 5 months old.
~His Binky still- This one is not going to be as easy to get rid of, I He needs it for bed time and since he has been sick lately (again) and teething he has been extra fussy so like my Mom says I just plug it up. It keeps us both sane. I need tips on how to get rid of the Binky or maybe tips on how to be ready to get rid of the Binky.
~His sister and following her around. He copies her all day and is trying hard to be like one of the big kids!
~Balls of any shape or size, he loves to throw, kick, roll, shoot baskets, and has even gotten super good at holding the golf club and hitting balls and other objects around the house. Kreg is so proud of his sporty boy!
~strawberrys, watermelon, chicken, anything with cheese on it, brocoli, asparagus, noodles, bread, crackers, clementines, pears, bananas and peaches pureed, and we just found out today plain air popped popcorn!
~Sleep. He takes 2 two hour naps and sleeps a good 11-12 hours at night.
~Being outside. When he is fussy I just stick him on the deck and he will shoot baskets for forever. He loves the park, swimming, riding bikes, and is finally used to the grass.
~Baths he will stay in there all day if I let him.
~Babies, he learned how to say the word "baby" this week and was even kissing on the baby in the walmart ad.
~food/drinks that are to cold
~ His carseat. I put him forward facing because I thought it would make him happier in the car but nope, he still gets so mad about getting buckled down.
~Getting his diaper changed.

He weighs 19.1 LBS (5%tile)
He is 29 inches (24%tile) tall

Over all he is my happy, easy going little guy! He had a fun first birthday party with friends, My friend took some great photos of the party that I am still trying to narrow down which ones to blog so look forward to that soon!

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