Pinkalicious, The Musical

Cecily and I have been looking forward to our "date" for over a month. Friday was FINALLY the day! We had a blast dressing up in all our pink and going to The Musical based on Cecily's FAVORITE Book Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann. The production was a Stages Theater, A childrens theater in Hopkins. Everyone in the cast was a child actor aside from the parents of Pinkalicious. Cecily was totally glued to the show the entire time! We sat in the second row right in the middle, we had great seats. Cecily used a booster so that she could see a little better and that way the theater chairs wouldnt fold up on her.

 In her seat waiting for the Play to begin
 CC and one of the Pink Cupcakes
 Cecily and "Peter"
 CC and Pinkalicious
Sitting on the stage with the set behind her.

 She was pretty serious about the whole thing and didnt laugh once but she sure did love it! She got to meet the cast afterward and got to take some pictures with some of her favorite Characters. She and I were a hit in our outfits, I expected all the other Moms to dress up too, but apparently I am the only one with so much spirit! I had fun and loved an excuse to get dressed up. Everyone gushed over how cute CC looked and the ticketing staff kept calling her Pinkalicious! She was so cute and so grown up about all of it. She talked about doing plays when she gets older, I can totally see her doing something like it and would love to support her in that! She would love to dance, sing and act on stage I honestly couldnt think of anything that is more her! I am so excited to have a partner to go to musicals and shows with me!

We finished our date by going to McDonalds for a little Ice Cream sundae. She was just as excited about that as she was the play!


Laura said...

you both look pinkalicious! xo

Shari said...

Good for you for being a spirited, supporting mom. Life is much more fun that way and you both look lovely in all your pinkaliciousness.

The Robinson's said...

CC, you have such an awesome mom!! And by the way you look adorable all dolled up in your pink dress! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Take care,
Lily's mom

Sara said...

So pinkalicious and cute. I wish we had something like that her for my girls.

Heather said...

this is precious! i can't wait to do stuff like this with jenna! what a fun mommy-daughter date! you are the coolest mom!!!