I: by CC girl

I saw this on a friends blog and thought it was such a cute idea.
                                                       I HAVE: A baby doll.

                                                I WISH: We could go swimming.

                                                         I HATE: Being sick.

                                               I MISS: Daddy when he is at work.

                                             I HEAR: When I am a good listener.

                                             I LAUGH: When the balloons POP.

                                I WONDER: If we are going to the Mall of America?

                                       I REGRET: When I am not sweet to my friends.

                                                 I DANCE: When you dance.

                                                I SING: I am a child of God.

                                                   I CRY: When Oli cries.

                                             I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Art.

                                                   I NEED: Lots of Lovies.

                                            I LOVE: Mommy and my Family!

I can't believe she is almost 4! She is so smart, witty, and WAY beyond her years. This girl is amazing!

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Laura said...

yes, she is amazing! i am counting down the days..... still :)