We were lucky enough to take a quick trip to Utah for a Mark and Mallory's wedding. I didnt get many pictures of their big day or of that whole weekend, too busy having fun to stop and take pictures I guess. Then we got to go to Ogden and spend time with my family, once again not many pictures were taken but ofcourse tons of fun ws had!

The week included:
-A wedding dinner that was perfect aside from my child running in the middle of speeches.

-Swimming in the hotel pool (CC ofcourse had to do it all by herself, thank goodness she will be doing swim lessons this summer)

-A beautiful Temple Sealing and Fabulous Reception to follow- CC loved the balloon room and the dancing and especially Mallory's two cute Nephews that we quite unamused by the 2 yr old little girl chasing them around all day, but who were nice enough to humor her.

-Church in a singles ward brought us back to our BYUI days and made me so thankful to be out of that stage in life.

- Family dinner/parties in Ogden

-pedicures with the "Reid" girls



-Late night movie watching

-Eating out

-Great conversations


-a date with Kreg

-new haircuts

-Playing wild with cousins

-Going to the Movies with Gram

We really LOVE spending time with all of our family and feel so blessed to be able to as often as we do! Thank you to all of you for generously spoiling us like always! We miss you lots already! Cant wait to see you all again this summer!


Brittani said...

i am so glad you got a cute picture of M&M. mine were horrible! we had so much fun seeing you and spending time with you!

laurareid said...

it was a great time for us as well, wish it happened all the time! mom/gram xo