Cecily says

This morning she brought me her new Hightop Converse the "easter Bunny" brought her. The convo went like this:
CC- "Here are my new pink shoes the Rabbit gave me"
Me- (Putting them on her feet) "oh no it looks like the Easter bunny got the wrong size they are too big"
CC-"no Mom he did Great! They are Perfect!" (while admiring the new shoes on her feet)

We left a suitcase in Utah on accident so my Mom sent a few things out of it when CC saw two of her dresses she grabbed them and hugged them and said "I thought I lost you!" She didnt even know they were gone. She is soo silly, I just love listening to her all day she comes up with such wild things, I know as she gets older it will only become more Funny!

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AJ and Cindy said...

that is so cute, she sounds like quite the (adorable) character!