21 more days

WE only have 21 more days until Oliver Brooks joins the Wagner family! We are super excited! I am a bit nervous and anxious about the adjustment to 2 kids and about the lack of sleep but all in all we know it will be so great!
A few things Im looking forward too~ Not being pregnant, having an empty belly and full arms, bending over without grunting and not breathing, sleeping on my stomach, exercising Harder and getting back into shape, wearing regular clothes, but most of all Lovin and kissin on my little guy! I just cant wait to meet him and see what he looks like!


Laura said...

yes, and i get to be there to watch the beginnings.... gram/mom xo

Brittani said...

so soon! that is so awesome and exciting and happy! we love you!

Kiera and Brian said...

That is so exciting that he will be here so soon! Having two kids is great...I remember posting a post just like your last one...wondering how I could possibly love another child as much as I love Kambri and it's so amazing how the love just grows and expands. I'm so excited for you! You guys are such a cute little family.