Getting ready for St. Patty's day.

  Gram sent CC a cute St. Patty's day shirt and I got her some hair pretties for the holiday. She couldnt wait to wear them. She did look cute even if it was still Feburary when she sported the outfit. Don't worry it was on one of our stay at home all day days.
"Mom take a picture of my cute pony tail"

Coincidently the kids and I all wore green that day. Do you ever do that? Get dressed in the morning and then accidently dress your kids in similar colors?


Jackman Clan said...

Once when it was just the boys, we were all dressed in camo pants. I hadn't even noticed till someone commented on how cute it was that we were matching...I guess I was in a mood for camo!

laurareid said...

ok, so how did she learn to pose? that is too cute, model in the making? xo