10 months

Oli is 10 months today!

He is got his 1st tooth yesterday just in time!
He has been sick for the past couple of months and a little on the fussy side because of the teething but  most of all he is my sweet cuddly boy.
 He is loving practicing walking with his little push bike toy. (video coming soon)
 He is getting really good at standing on his own and has great balance.
His favorite food right now is chicken breast. Plain and cold. I tried heating it up but he didnt like it. He wants it straight out of the fridge.
He is over the swaddle for real finally.
Still loving his binky.
 He loves having his blankets completely over him when he sleeps. I worry about him not being able to breathe but he always pulls them over his face. Cecily did the same thing when she was little.
He is starting to sign a little. He knows more and all done so far.
He loves following CC around the house and playing with her in her room. I love hearing them giggle with eachother.
He loves bath time so much. He is always in the bathroom standing at the tub. I cant wait to take him swimming this summer!


THE FISHERS! said...

Three things:
1. Eli and him are DEFINITELY related! That second picture looks so much like my Eli!
2. I love that he's playing with that nose syringe. haha Eli avoids ours like the plague, no joke!
3. I can't wait for this summer either! Hopefully we will all go swimming! yay!

laurareid said...

he is a doll! love him so much. xo

Cathy said...

he is really so cute!! But what does he have on his head??