3 going on 13

This little girl is DRAMA to the max lately. I really dont know what I am going to do if it is already this bad ha ha. She is constantly sighing and huffing and puffing when I ask her to do/not do things. She is always saying "thats not fair" and "why?" She says everything with so much attitude in her voice. I have to tell her to calm down, quite being dramatic and remind her she is only three. The other day she said to Kreg "where are you going Loser?" I couldnt believe that she said that. I tried to stay calm and remind her we DO NOT say that word especially to our Dad. While we were talking about why we dont say that she asked "Mom is it ok if I say Biggest Loser- Like the show on TV?" I couldnt help but laugh. She is to smart. She picks up on anything and everything that is said and done!! I am nervous for what this girl is going to spring on us next.

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