California Fun

 We didn't get a lot of pictures, but we sure had fun in California for the wedding! We swam and played with friends and cousins and of course Grandma and Grandpa! Cecily and Oliver are little fish and Cora is well on her way to joining the club! We love our time in Modesto even if I couldn't break tradition and had to get sick. Pneumonia this time for me! Ugh, it was pretty bad. For some reason every time I am with the Wagner's I get sick or someone in my family does, but the last few times it's been me! no fun! Thankfully once I got home and Kreg saw how sick I was after a day, he made me go to the urgent care. they took x=rays and sure enough it was pneumonia. Nothing a good antibiotic and some albuteral couldn't fix!
I am just glad I get a do-over visit with all of them in July at our family reunion!

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