Cora's Birth

 We woke up February 8th 2013 around 5 am to get ready to go to the hospital. It had snowed some and was lightly snowing so I was anxious about being late. Kreg teased and said "we better  not be late to wait." Meaning we would just get to the hospital and wait around to go into surgery, which we did. We arrived at the hospital at 6 am and were taken back to our prep room right away, we were quickly handed our clothing and I got my IV. We went through all the paperwork with the nurse when it was about time to go the nurse was notified there was an emergency C section needed so we were being bumped back a half hour. I really didn't mind because I had been in the situation 5 and 1/2 years ago with CC so I felt for the poor Mom that had been in labor and pushing for hours. It only made my nerves get worse because of extra waiting. I just kept thinking about the blessing Kreg had given me the night before and I knew all would be well.
 The extra waiting was getting to Kreg, he started feeling a bit queasy so the nurse brought him some OJ to drink. I just laughed because he wasn't the one going in for major surgery and having a baby! I always get nervous with the IV because I have veins that roll, this time was the easiest and quickest IV ever! I was so thankful, the nurse even said it was the easiest one she has ever done. We headed down to surgery at about 7:50 am.

 I have debated writing about my feelings because I am not sure I want to remember how I felt with the surgery but for Cora's sake I will record it. The spinal Tap was different than I had, had before, the anesthesiologist had me lay on my left side and curl in a ball as much as I could. It was painful and uncomfortable. Once the medicine was in and I started to feel tingly and warm I also felt really short of breath and nauseous. I told them about the nausea and they gave me something for that but otherwise I just felt overwhelmed and very uncomfortable. I felt so out of it and drugged but at the same time felt everything to a heightened feeling, like being touched felt really strong and powerful. It was a horrible sensation and I just prayed for it all to be over fast because it was that or I wanted to die. Kreg thanked me for going through it later and all I could say was that I hated every moment of it. Once they got Cora out (8:32 am) they worked on her to the left of me so I tried really hard to just focus on her but it was so hard to concentrate and not feel sick.
  After the surgery I got the shakes for a good 2 hours, with Oli they only lasted a few min and I was able to hold him and nurse him right away. I don't know how many hours went by before I held Cora for the first time. I kept getting nauseous and throwing up too. Pretty much all of Friday I felt badly. My Mom brought the kids down to see us a few hours after surgery. Cecily was really worried about me, she came to my bed immediately and started to cry, probably from relief and still being scared about how I was acting. She had been so worried the weeks leading up to the big day, she talked about how nervous she was that something bad would happen to me. I wanted to be normal when she saw me but I was so so out of it and tired, plus I kept getting sick so the kids didn't stay for a real long time. They were of course in love with Cora right away. CC just wanted to hold her Oli would say hi and then want to play angry birds on Kreg's Ipad 
 6 LBS 1.5 ounces (the nurse rounded it up to 2 oz for her birth cert.) 19.5 inches long.
Cora had taken a big gulp of fluid as they were taking her out so they worked on her for quite some time to get all the fluid out. otherwise she was perfect!

 When I finally felt well enough to hold Cora for a few minuets. She was so tiny and sweet and looks just like Cecily did as a newborn! She is so laid back and chill so far. She really just eats and sleeps and sometimes sleeps while she eats. We've only heard her fuss a couple of times when she was having a bum change.
 So in love! I am amazed at how much love I can feel for a person I just met and how my love just grows and expands with all my kids

This is after we were in recovery for an hour and a half, they wheeled us up to my room and since I couldn't hold Cora they put her in between my legs.

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Brittani Hamilton said...

So thankful she is here and she looks just perfect. Congrats and someday she will love to have her birth story written down.