We are obsessed!

                                                                My girls and I
                                                           Our family of 5
 I laugh at these pictures because Cora looks so big and chubby, but she is really so teeny tiny. Her weight is all in her cheeks and double chin, the rest of her is so skinny!

Cora, Cecily and I all wore our leopard on the day we came home from the hospital. We love twinning!
 Oliver loves his new sister, he has his moments of just feeling emotional but so far he has been sweet and loving. He even loves to hold her and help feed her. One funny thing he said to me a couple of days ago. Cora was asleep in her bed like she is most of the day so I wasn't even sure where this jealousy came from. Oli "mom, can we throw Cora in the garbage?"
                                 Me "why buddy? we would be so sad and miss her."
                                  Oli "because I just want one baby in our family. I want to just have one baby in your belly and Cora in the garbage."
                                 Me "well I don't have a baby in my belly anymore, that was Cora and now she is out."
                                 Oli "We can have a new baby in your belly."
So apparently he likes the idea of a baby rather than having a real baby and would prefer to keep the baby in my belly. The next day he told me he loves his baby Cora and wants to keep her!
                                     Cecily was so so excited to match Cora, they looked darling!

                                     Aunt Sarah came to visit on our first day home
Cecily is so in love with her sister and wants to hold and feed her all day long. I have to force her to go play so that I can hold Cora. This girl would rather be a Mom than a kid. I keep reminding her that her time will come and then she will be sad she didn't have more fun playing while she was a kid. She is so sweet and loving and helpful!

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