April 14

Cecily had a sewing lesson and whipped out a pillow in less than an hour!
Oliver played on an indoor soccer team, he did not love it. He was tiny compared to the kids and mixed with a slippery floor he had a hard time getting to the ball. He will try T-ball in the fall!
Cora loves being outside and getting dirty! She reminds me of a bunny and this picture was the perfect depiction of that!
Cecily Keeps losing teeth, she says she can't help herself from wiggling them out!

We used out zoo pass lots before it expired!
Cecily earned a chocolate cake from her violin teacher for passing off a hard song
My toothless fashonista
I find Oliver like this all the time during the day, He loves reading and looking at books and going to the library!
Cora loves the library too! But at this point she likes to play distructo and take the books off all the shelves!
Oliver came across his favorite super hero while we were at the mall!
Cora doing what mamas do best! Talking on the phone while taking care of babies!

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