Lookout Mountain

 We cheered when we finally spotted the mountains!! We miss them when we are home in MN!
 The beautiful winter view from lookout mountain. I was hoping to spot some wildlife.
              Kreg and the kids with the animal puppets. Oli was getting attacked by an owl!
                           CC playing in the owl's nest, oli had fun throwing the eggs around.

 The kids had fun doing all the coloring and tracing activities. CC loved the butterfly etching.
                                     Oli was fascinated with the "stuffed" animals.
We even saw a herd of as CC calls them "Buffalums". They were running around like little kids, ramming each other in the heads. It was fun to watch. It was almost cute, but really how "cute" can buffalo be? It was funny because I am so out of it when it comes to being in the mountains with the snow. I was freaking out about Kreg driving on the steep roads, I kept telling him to slow down and be careful. I was so nervous we would drive off the road and end up in some canyon! You would never have guessed I learned to drive in the snow and had drivers ed, driving up mountains. ha ha I guess I am used to our flat roads in MN.

While we were on our drive I kept telling Kreg that I hoped he would get a job interview in Utah at one of the firms he had recently applied to. I wanted it so we could drive the 7 more hours to UT so I could see my family and Scott and Carly's new baby Bentley. Well we just got down into the valley and Kreg got a phone call for a phone interview from one of the UT firms. After I told him to call them back and tell them we would be in UT tomorrow and ask if he could do his 2nd interview while we were there. Well they said yes!! So Wednesday we woke up to a feverish Oliver. Dan and Stacy helped us figure out which DR to take him to, we ended up going to the ER because of insurance reasons. Just as I knew our little man had ear infections again! Well Kreg had an interview in Broomfield, CO (which I really liked so I am fine if we move there.) So I had the DR send the prescription to a Walmart there, We dropped Kreg off at his interview and then went to the store to get the meds and get some stuff for the drive to UT. The weather was really warm and pretty so I let the kids get out and run around some (well just CC because Oli was not feeling well at all and had no energy to move from his car seat let alone run) We also drove around to see the area and some neighborhoods. I was really impressed with the cleanliness and structure of the town! After the interview, which ended up being 3 interviews we headed off to Ut! The kids did great on the drive, It was the perfect day for a sick little Oli to just rest and watch shows, Kreg loved driving through Wyoming (he thought it was so gorgeous. He must be a country boy at heart) I was just so excited to get there! We ended up arriving at Gram and Papa's around 10pm and we were sooo happy!

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PamelaAnn said...

Anna, I moved here from Broomfield! What a small world!!!