Cousin time

 We went to the tree house museum with the cousins and had lots of Fun! Oliver was older this time so he enjoyed it more!
 I loved that Oliver picked a pink hat when we got to the cowboy room.
                                               He loved riding the bull with Aunt Sarah!

Oliver loved the sheep. It was moving his head back and forth, Live thought it was so cool. He kept saying hi Sheep and trying to give kisses through the fence.
                                           Hudson on the other hand was totally spooked! (look how great Carly looks. Her baby was only 5 days old and she looked like she was never pregnant!)
                                                 CC riding like a pro!

                                               The kids were all wanting to be the teacher at the school. We decided everyone could be the teacher!
                                   Reagan is such a cutie!
                                              CC was loving her life being a pediatrician. She is obsessed with being a Dr. especially for the "Mamas and the babies"
 Oli loved it too. He would get the instrument to check the reflexes (not sure of its name) and hit the babies with it and then tell the baby sorry and give it a kiss. Ha ha he is a wild man!
Dressed up like a super hero, astronaut, Hudson, police man and gangster mailman.
Ashton loves being the oldest and being in Charge, CC loves to boss the little kids, and really looks up to Ash! The kids are all so cute together, I love watching them play and have time together!

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laurareid said...

It was such a great visit! Makes me miss you all so much more! Xoxoxo xox