Reid Family Easter Dinner

 Before the dinner the kids decorated Easter sugar cookies. They all had fun doing it and then eating the cookies before dinner.

 Ashton is getting so big. I feel like he is a real "kid" now and not so much a little kid. He is maturing and becoming a typical boy!

 Gram and Papa and their Luck 7 Grands. Ashton 6 and 1/2 Cecily 4 and 1/2 Colten almost 4 Reagan 2 and 1/2 Hudson and Oliver almost 2 and the newest of the bunch Bentley 4 days old. Cecily LOVED holding Bentley. She and I kept fighting over who's turn it was to hold him. She has a long attention span with it to. She could hold him all day if we let her! It gets me excited for one day when we have another baby, I know for sure I'll have a great helper aka 2nd mama:)

                                             Scott and Carly's totally cute family!
                                                            The Jackman Clan (sorry I couldnt find a pic where Ash was smiling normal)
                           Uncle scott brought over his bounce house for the kids to play in!

                                     Uncle Aaron pulled out the motorcycle and took the kids for rides! Oliver kept saying "my Turn" over and over until he got another turn. He loved it! CC liked it but told Aaron to slow down ha ha
Kreg also had his first ride on a motorcycle. I was glad he didn't try to take any kids with him on his first time. He almost ran over Oli when he hit the break and gas at the same time, but otherwise he did a good job for his first ride! 

We had a fun and delicious dinner. It was so fun for us to be in UT for a family party. We hope we can soon be at many more!

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