Trip to Duluth part 1

We took a trip about 3 hours north of the Cities to the city of Duluth. The city is essentially a big hill off of Lake Superior. The lake is HUGE and super pretty. We had so much fun exploring and seeing the beauty of the lake and its surroundings. It was our first family vacay that didnt involve visiting family, it was a great experience and the kids did so great the entire time!

 We drove up on sunday after church and went straight to the beach, the city keeps the area around the lake very lanscaped and pretty. CC loved these benches.
 The water was freezing but it felt good because it was so hot outside. Oliver kept trying to dive in, it was a chore keeping him out of the water.
 He loved throwing the rocks on the rocky beach.
CC and I posing while we checked out the light houses on Canal Park. We at a picinic dinner on the beach and walked around to see everything. Oliver loved all of the seagulls and puppies that people were walking. My kids are awesome travelers so it really makes  road trips and vacations so enjoyable and easy!

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laurareid said...

looks and sounds like a lot of fun! xo