Duluth part 2

 We woke up on the 4th and got ready to explore and enjoy duluth. We drove a little north and found a fun little hike and this river. We loved seeing all the nature.

 We went to Canal Park to see the shops and the festivities, they had a fun but super hot park to play at. Oli loved driving the boat.
 and swinging on the tire swing for the first time.
 Kreg found an arcade, the kids loved it and we didnt even have to buy any tokens;)
 We went back to the hotel to take naps (oli was testing out a nap in the armour).
Then we headed back to Canal Park to get a spot for the firwork show. Of course we loved watching the works and enjoyed a late night out. The kids were both asleep in the car before we left the parking lot.

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Erin and Zach said...

You are the most adorable family! I love it. Just tried to catch up with the blog - it looks like you are having SO much fun in California. Send my love to everyone! I hope I get to see you guys sometime soon. Let me know where you end up landing.