Pixie Woods

 Grandpa took us to a fun little amusement park called pixie woods. It is full of different parks, and climbing structures, rides, and exhibits. The kids loved it of course!
 CC is a social butterfly, she will make friends with ANYONE!
 Oli loved driving the tractor.
 Oli also makes friends with anyone, he loved these little elves. He kept saying story, story!
 He even gave him loves!

 Taking a rest in the hand cart
Checking out the pirate ship

 Shooting the water cannons
Oli and grandpa checking out the fire truck.
We even got to ride the carosel, go on a fancy train ride tour around the park and around the lagoon. And then we went on a big boat ride in the lagoon where we saw real turtles and Pirates,. It was a fun day and just the right amount of excitement for the kids!


MarkandFred said...

love pixie woods!

Jackman Clan said...

I just want to kiss those cheeks!

Laura said...

that looks like a lot of kiddo fun. lucky cc and oli! xo

Brittani said...

that is so stinkin cute! love it

Cathy said...

Uncle Paul always can think of the best outings!!