Sworn In

 Last night Kreg was sworn in as a student attorney. He will be running an immigration clinic this semester and will be a practicing attorney for a client. He has already gotten his client and was briefed on her case. When he called to tell me about it I couldnt help but, feeling so proud of him. All of his hard work and time he has put in for law school is begining to pay off and he is able to do what he has dreamed of doing for such a long time! Way to go Kreg! You are so great! The next few months will fly bye,graduating, then studying for the bar/taking the bar and starting a new job somewhere!
 Cecily got in line with Kreg to have the judge sign his oath sheet, The judge asked her is she signed her name as well and she replied "no, but I can spell it C-E-C-I-L-Y:" the judge was impressed with her mad spelling skills!
 He's Official!
Kreg with his cheerleaders!


The Robinson's said...


Keep up the good work.

Susan said...

Wow that is awesome!! It will go by so fast!! Any idea where you will end up?

Jackman Clan said...

That's awesome! Especially the immigration client...so cool

Mark said...

Ollay! Wheres your shoe????

Quists said...

YEAAAA! Way to go Kreg! That is cute about CC spelling her name. Oh - and DARLING top! Wink!