Service Opportunity

Cancer bites right? RIGHT!! It is such a rampant disease in our world today, most likely you or someone close to you is affected by it, so you know what I mean when I say cancer BITES!! (I know not the best word choice but we condone the word sucks in our house so I didnt feel right using it on my family blog)  Aside from the nasty side affects of the illness itself the treatments and the side affects of the treatments aren't that glamorous either. Speaking of treatments can you imagine sitting for 6 or so hours with nothing to do while getting yucky medicine pumped into your body? Sounds like no fun to me. Well my friend Jenny from Idaho Falls, ID is giving you the opportunity to make those treatments a little more bearable for people recieving them. Jenny's husband Mark was diagnosed with cancer Feb 11, 2010 so for his 1yr anniversary they want to celebrate by giving back to Teton Oncology where Mark recieved his cancer treatments. Jenny has set up a sort of Toy drive at the Relay for Life Kickoff in Rexburg, ID Feb 3,2011. Teton Oncology asked for any children's toys and games (adult card games as well) that are easily sanitized, Dvd's, they have a few portable DVD players for the patients to watch while recieveing treatment. These items dont have to be new, so go ahead, go clean out some of the toys in your toy room. What a great chance to teach your children about the joy of giving. Go through your DVDs and pass along any you dont watch. You dont have to be in ID to contribute email Jenny at jsteiner18@gmail.com for an address you can send your items to.
Go visit Jenny and Mark's blog for more info (in the lastest 2 posts) and for Mark's full story of his cancer journey(start back in Feb 2010). I promise you wont be sad you spent time reading it, you will be inspired and filled with new hope for your own lives!!

Our family has decided to help with this project in honor of Kreg's Dad Paul. Its his birthday today and his 1 yr anniversary of his cancer diagnosis is coming in Feb. as well. So for his birthday present we are donating goods for Mark and Jenny's project in Pauls name. So everyone that knows Paul feel free to do the same!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!! We LOVE you!!


The Robinson's said...

We just found out last week that my aunt has stage 4 cancer in her spine and liver.
Also last week I was starting to clear out some stuff in my house including DVD's and toys. I will try to get an address to send these items too.
Cancer is such an UGLY disease.
Take care.

Quists said...

We're in! Anything to support the cause . . . I'll get the address too - thanks!